LeMat Magnetic Fixer Desk Mat Organizer FAST CHARGER | NFC TAG | TOOLBAR | LIGHTING

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LeMat Color: Black
Led Lighting Color: White (The perfect night lighting)

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The Best Solution for Organizing Your Workspace

Upgrade and Transform Your Desk Mat for Your Comfort.

Features & Benefits

Wool Organizer with Wooden Magnetic Fixator

You can work on a wool surface or make a Quick transformation of your workplace - Just Snap-on LeMat desk mat or any other mat you want. Transform your workplace! 

Material Specifications

Each LeMat is steady and does not slip around the table. It is evenly smooth and is very pleasant to the touch.

Fast Charging Ports

2 USB C are embedded In the wooden magnetic mat fixator. So you can connect and charge. your different devices: including Phones, dock stations, tablets,  keyboards, mouses, Macbooks  etc. 

Cable Holders

Easily click and fix cables in holders


In the LeMat desk pad, an NFC hotspot is embedded. It can be customized to personal preference with a wide range of apps, including Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, or concentration apps like Pomodoro ( to keep you on track without your attention being stolen, speedily optimizing productivity and task performance)

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Organize your desk with the LeMat Magnetic Fixer

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