About us

Our story is unique as any other story, but all of those stories have something in common - there are people behind them, who want to bring something new to everybody around.

Who are we? We are a young couple - Maks and Iryna with our little daughter Daryna. Since Maks is working on a computer all the time, he always used a desk mat. But his desk mat often didn't satisfy him, it was bad for both writing and computer use when using a mouse, there was no place where to fix the pen, the mat slip around the table and most importantly, it didn’t have a wireless charger. These nuances prompted him to create his own mat and launch it on Kickstarter. We were very surprised to see how many people supported us, as they have the same problems with desk mats. So Now, After successful campaign on Kickstarter we are ready present LeMat to you.
So we decided to found our little family business and we believe that with God's blessings everything will work out.
We find this to be our main goal, to make people happy with the small things they have.
Don't hesitate to contact us!
Here are some photos of the manufacturing process:
And we definitely couldn't do it ourselves. So here is our Perfect TEAM! 

Thank you.
Best wishes, Our LeMat team:)