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The First Mat that Combines

Magnetic Wool Organizer and Desk Mat Together. Just Snap-on!

Features & Benefits

Wool Organizer with Wooden Magnetic Fixator

You can work on a wool surface or make a Quick transformation of your workplace - Just Snap-on LeMat desk mat or any other mat you want. Transform your workplace! 

Built in 3 USB Type - C

3 USB TYPE-С are embedded In the wooden magnetic mat fixator. So you can connect the voltage to back USB C from a computer, socket, or laptop. The other 3 USB can be customized to charge your different devices: including Phones, dock stations, tablets,  keyboards, mouses  etc. You can also use an adapter for other types of USB.

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Wireless Charger

Easily fix the wireless charger of both the left and right sides of the Mat.  It uses the Qi charging standard, compatible with almost all devices, including phones and AirPods that support wireless charging. You can put the charger in your bag and take it with you.


In the LeMat desk pad, an NFC hotspot is embedded. It can be customized to personal preference with a wide range of apps, including Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, or concentration apps like Pomodoro ( to keep you on track without your attention being stolen, speedily optimizing productivity and task performance)

Pen Toolbar

With a dedicated space for stationery and small accessories in the toolbar, you’ll always have quick access to your work essentials whenever you need them.

Prevent Paper Pile-Up and Smooth Hard Surface

LeMat has a smooth surface which is excellent for both writing and computer use when using a mouse. You can use a fixed top layer mat as a document and paper hideaway, so they don’t pile up around you – just like sweeping a mess under a pad! Also, Mat was designed with a magnetic clip for small notes.

Protects your Desk

LeMat Magnetic Fixer offers protection to your desk and prevents any scratching, staining, and spills. Also, the LeMat desk pad is durable and water-repellent and can easily be cleaned with a cloth.


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